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TR1- Parkway, Bogotá.

FROM 735,000 COP.    8 ROOMATES.     5 BATHS.     360Mts2-

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The Parkway is one of the sectors of Bogotá most associated with the cultural and theatrical movement. It was created around 1940 by Karl Brunner under his conception of the importance of green areas.

The Park Way extends along a street with cycle paths on the sides that is separated by 30 m of green areas planted in the 1950s for about a kilometer in length.

Its limits are calle 34 to the south, calle 45 or Francisco Miranda Avenue to the north, carrera 19 or Mariscal de Sucre to the east and Avenida 30to the West. From south to north it is crossed by 24th Avenue or Park Way to the west.

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